【No. 0】
Aji wo Shimeru (味をしめる – Getting a Taste)

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    Aji wo Shimeru


    Have you ever had an experience where something went well and you expected it to be the same again?

    Such a situation can be expressed as aji wo shimeru (味をしめる) in Japanese.

    The common meaning of aji (味) is “taste,” but in this case, it means “the feeling after experiencing something.”
    「味」の一般的な意味は “taste” ですが、ここでは「物事を体験したあとの感じ」という意味になります。

    In addition, shimeru (しめる) is written in kanji as 占める, which means “to get something.”

    That is to say, aji wo shimeru means “to get the experience of things going well,” which leads to the meaning of expecting the same thing again.

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