Taguimare (類まれ – Extraordinary)

  • Taguimare


    Recently, I had an experience that can be described as ‘taguimare‘ (類まれ).

    ‘Taguimare’ mean that something is very rare, or there is almost nothing that is equivalent to it.

    Tagui‘ (類) means “similar” or “same,” and ‘mare‘ (まれ) means “rare.”
    「類(たぐい)」は “similar”、「まれ」は “rare” を意味します。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘taguimare’ is “there are rarely similar things.”

    For example, you can say something like ‘Kare wa taguimare na sainō wo motte iru‘ (彼は類まれな才能を持っている – He has an exceptional ability).

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