Kado ga Toreru (角が取れる – Mellowing)

  • Kado ga Toreru


    When someone who is harsh becomes to have a gentle nature due to his/her life experience, it is expressed as ‘kado ga toreru‘ (角が取れる) in Japanese.

    Kado‘ (角) usually means “corner,” but here it means a sharp point of one’s personality.
    「角」は “corner” を意味しますが、ここでは性格の尖っている部分のことを表しています。

    In addition, ‘toreru‘ (取れる) means “to remove” or “to come off.”
    また、「取れる」は “to remove” や “to come off” を意味します。

    Therefore, ‘kadoga toreru’ means that a sharp part of one’s personality removes, in other words, it means that one’s personality becomes gentle or mellow.

    Incidentally, I watched the movie “A Christmas Carol,” and I thought that this term can be is used for Scrooge.

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