Toru ni Tarinai (取るに足りない – Marginal)

  • Toru ni Tarinai


    I sometimes do work that can be described as ‘toru ni tarinai‘ (取るに足りない).

    ‘Toruni tarinai’ means to describe trivial things, that is not worth to mention its details.

    Toru‘ (取る) means “to take” or “to pick up,” ‘tari‘ (足り) means “enough” or “worth,” and ‘nai‘ (ない) is a negative suffix to the previous term ‘tari’.
    「取る」は “to take” や “to pick up”、「足り」は “enough” や “worth”、「ない」は直前の「足り」を否定する語です。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘toru ni tarinai’ is “It is not worth to pick up.”
    すなわち「取るに足りない」の文字どおりの意味は “It is not worth to pick up” というわけです。

    Incidentally, some people say ‘taranai‘ (足らない) instead of ‘tarinai’.

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