Inemuri (居眠り – Snooze/Doze)

  • Inemuri


    Today, I did ‘inemuri‘ (居眠り) for just a few minutes.

    Inemuri means to fall asleep unwillingly when doing something (especially at school or work).

    I‘ (居) means “stay” and ‘nemuri‘ (眠り) means “sleep,” so the literal meaning of ‘inemuri’ is “a sleep while staying.”
    「居」は “stay,” 「眠り」は “sleep” を意味するので、「居眠り」の文字どおりの意味は “a sleep while staying” となります。

    ‘Inemuri’ is one of the common practices in Japan, and you can see it easily.

    It is thought that this comes from the fact that working hours have increased and sleeping hours have decreased in Japan.

    In English, it is represented by the word “snooze” or “doze.”
    英語では “snooze” や “doze” という単語で表現されます。

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