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Neshōgatsu(寝正月 – Staying at Home during the New Year’s Holiday)

  • Neshōgatsu


    Happy New Year.

    This year I have done ‘neshōgatsu‘ (寝正月).

    Ne‘ (寝) means “sleep” and ‘shōgatsu‘ (正月) means “New Year’s holiday,” the literal meaning of ‘neshōgatsu’ is “sleeping during the New Year’s holiday.”
    「寝」は “sleep”、「正月」は “New Year’s holiday” を意味するので、「寝正月」の文字どおりの意味は “sleeping during the New Year’s holiday” となります。

    The actual meaning of ‘neshōgatsu’ is to stay at home during the New Year’s holiday.

    In Japan, there is a traditional custom that people greet Toshigami-sama (年神様 – literally “god of the incoming year”) from December 31st to January 1st, then sleep and stay at home during January 1st.

    Therefore, first selling and New Year’s events are often held from January 2nd.

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