Ichaicha (いちゃいちゃ – Lovey-Dovey)

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    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese term ‘chinchin kamokamo‘ (ちんちんかもかも), which means that a woman and a man snuggle each other.

    There is another term, ‘ichaicha‘ (いちゃいちゃ), which has a similar meaning to ‘chinchin kamokamo’, and is more commonly used.

    Originally, ‘ichaicha’ was used to mean to argue, but later it has come to mean to make out or snuggle.

    Usually, this term is used as ‘ichaicha suru‘ (いちゃいちゃする) by adding ‘suru‘ (する – meaning “do”).
    “Do” を意味する「する」をつけて「いちゃいちゃする」のように使われることが多いです。

    Or its verb form ‘icha tsuku‘ (いちゃつく) is used instead.

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