Chinchin Kamokamo (ちんちんかもかも – Making Out/Snuggling)

  • Chinchin Kamokamo


    To describe that a woman and a man make out or snuggle each other, you can use the Japanese term ‘chinchin kamokamo‘ (ちんちんかもかも).

    Chinchin‘ (ちんちん) is an onomatopoeia that means that water is boiling, and it also means a feeling of jealousy.

    Furthermore, since you might feel jealous when seeing snuggling couple, ‘chinchin’ (ちんちん) can also mean such a feeling.

    In addition, it is thought that ‘kamokamo‘ (かもかも) is added to ‘chinchin’ just for adjusting the tones.

    Incidentally, if you just say ‘chinchin’, it can be taken to mean an obscene thing.

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