Kachō Fūgetsu (花鳥風月 – Beauties of Nature)

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    Kachō Fūgetsu


    To describe a beautiful landscape of nature, you can use the four-character idiom ‘kachō fūgetsu‘ (花鳥風月).

    Ka‘ (花) means “flower,” ‘chō‘ means “bird,” ‘‘ (風) means “wind,” and ‘getsu‘ (月) means “moon.”
    「花」は “flower”、「鳥」は “bird”、「風」は “wind”、「月」は “moon” を意味します。

    This idiom can be divided into two parts: ‘kachō‘ (花鳥) and ‘fūgetsu‘ (風月).

    ‘Kachō’ means to enjoy watching nature such as flowers or birds, and ‘fūgetsu’ means to make poetry about nature such as wind or a moon.

    By combining these two idioms, it can mean various beautiful nature.

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