Kaze wo Kiru (風を切る – Feeling the Wind)

  • Kaze wo Kiru


    To walk, run, or rotate swiftly can be described as ‘kaze wo kiru‘ (風を切る) in Japanese.

    Kaze‘ (風) means “wind” and ‘kiru‘ (切る) means “to cut,” so the literal meaning of ‘kaze wo kiru’ is “to cut the wind.”
    「風」は “wind,” 「切る」は “cut” を意味するので、「風を切る」の文字どおりの意味は “to cut the wind” となります。

    Here the verb ‘kiru’ (cut) expresses that something moves swiftly against the wind.

    In addition, to walk proudly or strut while rising and lowering the shoulders is referred to as ‘kata de kaze wo kiru’ (肩で風を切る – literally means “to cut the wind with one’s shoulders.”

    [Example sentence] Kare wa kata de kaze wo kitte aruita (彼は肩で風を切って歩いた – “He strutted/swaggered.”)

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