Fude ga Tatsu (筆が立つ – Skillful Writer)

  • Fude ga Tatsu


    The Japanese phrase ‘fude ga tasu‘ (筆が立つ) can be used to people who have good writing skills.

    Fude‘ (筆) is a kind of writing instrument used from old times, and it can be translated as “ink brush” in English.
    「筆」は古くから使われている筆記具のことで、英語では “ink brush” と訳されます。

    In addition, ‘tatsu‘ (立つ) usually means “to stand,” but it has also several meanings, and here it means “to have a good skill.”
    また、「立つ」は通常 “to stand” を意味しますが、複数の意味を有しており、ここでは「技能などがすぐれている」ことを意味します。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘fude ga tatsu’ is that someone has a good skill about an ink brush.

    However, note that it does not means that someone can write beautiful characters, but means that someone can write good sentences.

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