Hachiku no Ikioi (破竹の勢い – Tremendous Momentum)

  • Hachiku no Ikioi


    When something has an intense momentum and it can’t be stopped, you can describe that using the Japanese idiom ‘hachiku no ikioi‘ (破竹の勢い).

    Ha‘ (破) means “to break,” ‘chiku‘ (竹) means “bamboo,” and ‘ikioi‘ (勢い) means “momentum,” so the literal meaning of ‘hachiku no ikioi’ is “a momentum of breaking a bamboo.”
    「破」は “to break”、「竹」は “bamboo”、「勢い」は “momentum” を意味するので、「破竹の勢い」の文字どおりの意味は “a momentum of breaking a bamboo” となります。

    If you try to divide a bamboo into two with a knife, it will break swiftly from the top to the bottom.

    Because of this, ‘hachiku‘ (破竹 – “breaking a bamboo”) came to mean “an intense momentum that can’t be stopped.”

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