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Kuro Rekishi (黒歴史 – Dark History): Part 2

  • Kuro Rekishi: Part 2

    黒歴史 Part 2

    Originally, kuro rekishi was used in the anime “Turn A Gundam” to describe “the sealed war history from ancient times,” and today, it has become a slang term to mean “the past you wish to forget.”

    Many people might have their own kuro rekishi from their junior high school days.

    In fact, the embarrassing past I mentioned in yesterday’s post happened when I was in my second year of junior high school.

    It is believed that during the second year of junior high school, which is a period of adolescence, students tend to exhibit pretentious behavior and become self-conscious.

    For this reason, people in such a state are sometimes called chū-ni byō (中二病), the literal meaning of which is “second year of junior high school syndrome.”

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