Kuro Rekishi (黒歴史 – Dark History): Part 1

  • Kuro Rekishi: Part 1

    黒歴史 Part 1

    The “RPG Maker” series that allow you to create RPGs have been on a massive sale on Steam, so I bought the whole set.
    RPGを作ることができるゲーム「RPGツクール」シリーズが Steam で大規模セールをしていたので、一通り買ってしまいました。

    Then, I suddenly remembered games I made with “RPG Maker” over 20 years ago and found my ancient website where I had introduced the games.

    I was not only surprised that the website was still accessible, but I was also chilled by its embarrassing content.

    To describe such one’s embarrassing past that they wish to erase, you can use the slang term, kuro rekishi (黒歴史).

    Since kuro (黒) means “dark,” rekishi (歴史) means “history,” the literal meaning of kuro rekishi is “dark history.”
    「黒」は “black”、「歴史」は “history” を意味するので、「黒歴史」の文字どおりの意味は “black history” となります。

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