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Bōtto Suru (ぼーっとする – “Spacing Out”)

  • Bōtto Suru


    Recently, I have been finding myself in a state referred to as bōtto suru (ぼーっとする) a lot.

    The expression bōtto suru describes a state of being in a daze, or being lost in thought.

    It is believed that the (ぼー) in bōtto suru comes from the terms bonyari (ぼんやり – “absent-minded”) or bōzen (呆然 – “dumbfounded”), and it is used like an onomatopoeia by adding a long sound.

    In addition, suru (する) means “to do” or “to become,” the literal meaning of bōtto suru is “to become absent-minded.”
    また、「する」は “to do” や “to become” を意味するので、「ぼーっとする」の文字どおりの意味は “to become absent-minded” となります。

    I have to be careful not to become the state of while driving to work every day.

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