Egosa (エゴサ – Egosurfing)

  • Egosa


    Have you ever done egosa (エゴサ) on the Internet?

    Egosa is short for egosāchi (エゴサーチ), which refers to the act of searching the Internet or social networking sites for information about yourself or your company’s reputation.

    Since ego (エゴ) means “ego,” and sāchi (サーチ) means “search,” the literal meaning of egosa is exactly “egosearching.”
    「エゴ」は “ego”、「サーチ」は “search” を意味するので、「エゴサーチ」の文字どおりの意味はそのまま “egosearching” となります。

    In English, it can also be described as “egosurfing” or “vanity searching.”
    英語では “egosurfing” や “vanity searching” などと表現されることもあります。

    It is said that companies and celebrities often do egosa. However, recently, more and more young people are doing egosa as well.

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