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Nōkin (脳筋 – Meathead)

  • Nōkin


    I sometimes become a state called nōkin (脳筋) while playing various games.

    Nōkin is an Internet slang term that is short for the expression nōmiso made kinniku (脳みそまで筋肉).

    Since nōmiso (脳みそ) means “brain,” made (まで) means “even,” and kinniku (筋肉) means “muscle,” the literal meaning of nōkin means “even the brain is muscle.”
    「脳みそ」は “brain”、「まで」は “even”、「筋肉」は “muscle” を意味するので、「脳筋」の文字どおりの意味は “even the brain is muscle” となります。

    In other words, nōkin refers to a personality that acts without thinking or a game-playing style that relies on brute force.

    When playing games while tired, you will easily become nōkin state.

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