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Dangan Tsuā (弾丸ツアー – Whirlwind Tour)

  • Dangan Tsuā


    Today, I embarked on a dangan tsuā (弾丸ツアー) to visit four Doragon Quest Walk souvenir spots in Kagawa in a short time.

    Since dangan (弾丸) means “bullet,” and tsuā (ツアー) means “tour,” the literal meaning of dangan tsuā is “bullet tour.”
    「弾丸」は “bullet”、「ツアー」は “tour” を意味するので、「弾丸ツアー」の文字どおりの意味は “bullet tour” となります。

    Here, a bullet is a metaphor for sightseeing in a very short period at a very rapid speed.

    Such trips are quite popular in Japan due to the well-developed transportation system.

    However, sometimes I wish I had enough time to enjoy the sight at a slower space.

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