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Konamikan (小並感 – Child-like Opinion)

  • Konamikan


    Yesterday, I introduced the internet slang term ‘(goiryoku)’ (語彙力), which means limited vocabulary.

    Similarly, there is another slang term, konamikan (小並感).

    Konamikan is short for shōgakusei nami no kansō (小学生並みの感想).

    Shōgakusei (小学生) means “elementary school student,” nami (並み) means “on the level of,” and kansō (感想) means “opinions,” the literal meaning of konamikan is “opinions on the level of an elementary school student.”
    「小学生」は “elementary school student”、「並み」は “on the level of”、「感想」は “opinion” を意味するので、「小学生並みの感想」および「小並感」の文字どおりの意味は “opinions on the level of an elementary school student” となります。

    This term is used at the end of a sentence to self-deprecate the childishness of one’s opinions or limited vocabulary.

    For example, it is used like 「すごい(小並感)」, where sugoi (すごい) means “amazing.”

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