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Japanese Like a Kleenex.

  • Japanese people really like a Kleenex, and annual consumption of it in Japan is the world’s highest.

    Amount of the Kleenex used in Japan per person per year is around 4 kilograms, while it is around 1.2 kilograms in the US.

    Since we often use it, the price is less than half of the world average.

    In city in Japan, pocket Kleenex on which company advertisements printed are often handed out for free on the street.

    We use a Kleenex when blow our nose, and we almost always discard it quickly after the blow.

    Therefore, I think we would be surprised when we saw that the Kleenex was reused in oversea.

    By the way, we call Kleenex ’tissue(ティッシュ),’ instead of ‘Kleenex.’

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