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The World’s Biggest Sandglass

  • The world’s biggest sandglass is located in Nima Sand Museam, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.

    The sandglass was given the name Suna-goyomi, which means ‘sand calendar.’

    The height is 5.2 meters, the diameter of the container is 1 meter, and the diameter of the center nozzle is only 0.84 millimeters.

    The total amount of sand is 1 ton, and it is falling at 0.032 g a second, 114 g a minute, 2740 g a day, 1 ton a year.

    The fall speed is strictly controlled by pressure management using a computer.

    The sandglass is turned over at 00:00 a.m, January 1st annually.

    It was produced by Miwa professor, and the production cost was 100 million yen, the production period was three years.

    I would like to see it directly someday.

    By the way, the nozzle part is called orifice, or ‘hachinokoshi(means a waist of a bee)’ in Japan.

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