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Hebi ni Niramareta Kaeru (A Frog Aimed by a Snake)

  • Hebi ni Niramareta Kaeru


    Today I will talk about the Japanese proverb “hebi ni niramareta kaeru.”

    The literal meaning of this proverb is “a frog aimed by a snake,” and it expresses that someone stands frozen in front of something scary.

    Since snakes swallow frogs, snakes are regarded as a natural enemy of frogs, and this proverb was made.

    By the way, it is famous in Japan that snakes, frogs and slugs are natural enemies to each other; this relationship is called “sansukumi” (three-way standoff), and it is similar to scissors-paper-rock.

    Frogs can eat slugs, but snakes’ venom doesnt work to slugs, and slugs mucus melt snakes’ body.

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