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Te Haccho Kuchi Haccho

  • Today I would like to talk about the Japanese idiom “te haccho kuchi haccho.”


    This idiom describes a person who does something well and has a smart mouth.

    “Te” means “hand”, “kuchi” means “mouth”, and “haccho” means “eight things”, so this idiom literally describes a person who can use eight tools by his/her hands or mouth.

    Of course, you can use just “te haccho” for a person who does something well, and just “kuchi haccho” for a person who has a smart mouth, respectively.
    「手」は “hand”、 「口」は “mouth”、「八丁」は “eight things” を意味し、この慣用句は「手や口で八つの道具を使うことができる」ということが語源になります。

    This idiom originally used as a good meaning to praise someone, but recently, it is often used sarcastically for an insincere person who just looks a good worker or a good talker.

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