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Hakushu Kassai (拍手喝采 – Cheering and Clapping)

  • Hakushu Kassai


    The act of clapping hands and praising someone with loud voices is referred to as hakushu kassai (拍手喝采) in Japanese.

    Since hakushu (拍手) means “clapping,” and kassai (喝采) means “acclamation,” hakushu kassai literally means “clapping and acclamation.”
    「拍手」は “clapping’、「喝采」は “acclamation’ を意味するので、「拍手喝采」は文字どおり “clapping and acclamation” という意味になります。

    This four-character idiom is usually used to express admiration or emotion for an outstanding performance or a wonderful event.

    However, note that using this idiom frequently on social networking sites such as X (Twitter) could give an impression of being fictional.
    しかし、X (Twitter) 等でこの四字熟語を使いすぎると、創作のような印象を与えることがありますので、注意してください。

    In Japanese SNS, people sometimes use exaggerated expressions to give a strong impression to their messages, and hakushu kassai is one of them.

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