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Akkerakan (あっけらかん – Being Quite Indifferent)

  • Akkerakan


    I am sometimes in a state called akkerakan (あっけらかん).

    The expression akkerakan describes a state of being so surprised or shocked by unexpected events that one does not move, or being in a daze and unconcerned about anything.

    Akke/anke/ake (あっけ/あんけ/あけ) represents the state of having one’s mouth wide open.

    By adding the suffix ra (ら) to this, it became ankera (あんけら). Furthermore, another suffic kan (かん) was added, resulting in ankerakan (あんけらかん) and akkerakan.

    Akkerakan came to have its current meaning from the image of having one’s mouth wide open without movement.

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