Heijō Unten (平常運転 – As Usual)

  • Heijō Unten


    Today is Christmas, but I have no special plans besides work; in other words, it is heijō unten (平常運転).

    Since heijō (平常) means “normal,” and unten (運転) means “operation,” the literal meaning of heijō unten (平常運転) is “normal operation.”
    「平常」は “normal”、「運転」は “operation” を意味するので、「平常運転」の文字どおりの意味は “normal operation” となります。

    Originally, the term heijō unten was used to describe that public transportation like buses or trains would operate on schedule without trouble.

    Later, young people began to use it to describe people’s routines, meaning “as usual.”

    Sometimes, heijō is replaced with tsūjō (通常 – meaning “usual’) to say tsūji unten (通常運転), which means the same as heijō unten.

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