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Zutsū no Tane (頭痛の種 – Headache)

  • Zutsū no Tane


    The source of worries or cause of concerns is sometimes referred to as nayami no tane (悩みの種) in Japanese.

    Since zutsū (頭痛) means “headache,” and tane (種) means “seed,’ the literal meaning of zutsū no tane is “seed of headache.”
    「頭痛」は “headache”、「種」は “seed” を意味するので、「頭痛の種」の文字どおりの意味は “seed of headache” となります。

    In this context, “headache” is used as a metaphor for “worry” or “concern.”

    In addition, tane also has the meaning of “cause of things,” so zutsū no tane can be translated as “cause of worries or concerns.”
    また、「種」は「物事の原因」の意味も持つため、「頭痛の種」は “cause of worries or concerns” と訳すことができます。

    If you have some zutsū no tane, it is best to address and remove them before the “seeds” sprout.

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