Hana no Shita wo Nobasu (鼻の下を伸ばす – Spoony)

  • Hana no Shita wo Nobasu


    When you womanize or have a loose face due to an attractive woman, it can be described as an idiom, ‘hana no shita wo nobasu‘ (鼻の下を伸ばす).

    Hana‘ (鼻) means “nose,” ‘shita‘ (下) means “under,” and ‘nobasu‘ (伸ばす) means “to stretch/extend,” so the literal meaning of this idiom is “to stretch/extend the area under one’s nose.”
    「鼻」は “nose,” 「下」は “under”、「伸ばす」は “to stretch/extend” を意味するので、この慣用句の文字どおりの意味は “to stretch/extend the area under one’s nose” です。

    In fact, when a man is attracted by a woman, his face would be loosened, and the area under his nose would seem to be stretched.

    Because of this, ‘hana no shita wo nobasu’ came to have its current meaning.

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