【No. 0520】
Osaki ni Shitsurei Shimasu (お先に失礼します – Excuse Me for Leaving before You)

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    Osaki ni Shitsurei Shimasu


    Today I would like to introduce a useful phrase that you can use when going home before your boss or colleagues leave.

    It is osaki ni shitsurei shimasu (お先に失礼します).

    Since osaki (お先) means “first/early,” shitsurei (失礼) means “rudeness,” and shimasu (します) is a polite expression of “do.”
    「お先」は “first/ahead”、「失礼」は “rudeness” を意味し、「します」は “do” の丁寧表現です。

    Here, osaki implies that you go home (or do something) before someone.

    That is to say, this phrase can be interpreted as “I am going to do a rude action of going home before you, please forgive me.”

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