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Uto Uto and Utsura Utsura (「うとうと」「うつらうつら」 – Drowsy)

  • Uto Uto and Utsura Utsura


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the term ‘inemuri‘ (居眠り), which means to fall asleep unwillingly when doing something.

    To express the state of ‘inemuri’, you can use the Japanese onomatopoeia, ‘uto uto‘ (うとうと) or ‘utsura utsura‘ (うつらうつら).

    ‘Uto uto’ describes that you drift into a light sleep.

    ‘Utsura utsura’ describes that you drift in and out of dreamland.

    Both of them imply that you are half awake and half asleep, but the former focuses on half sleeping, whereas the latter focuses on half awakening.

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