Makahushigi (摩訶不思議 – Mysterious)

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    There are many ‘makahushigi‘ (摩訶不思議) in the world.

    “Makahushigi” means that something is very mysterious or wonder.

    Since ‘hushigi‘ (不思議) means “wonder” or “mysterious,” you can easily guess that ‘maka‘ (摩訶) is a word to enogasuse the ‘hushigi’.
    「不思議」は “wonder” や “mystery” を意味するため、「摩訶」は「不思議」を強めるための語であると想像できると思います。

    In fact, ‘maka’ comes from the Sanskrit term “maha”, which means “great,” “very,” “amazing.”
    実際、「摩訶」は「非常に」「偉大な」「素晴らしい」を意味するサンスクリット語の “maha” から来ています。

    For example, you can use this term like ‘Maka hushigi na dekigoto ga okita’ (摩訶不思議な出来事が起きた – A very mysterious event happened).

    Incidentally, it is said that ‘makahushigi’ is originally used to mean “wonderfulness that is beyond human understanding.”

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