Hatena Māku (はてなマーク – Question Mark)

  • Hatena Māku


    I told you that the exclamation mark ‘!’ is called “bikkuri māku” (びっくりマーク) in Japan.
    昨日は、感嘆符 “!” を「びっくりマーク」と呼ぶということを説明しました。

    Similarly, the question mark is called “hatena māku” (はてなマーク).
    同様に、疑問符 “?” は、「はてなマーク」と呼ばれることがあります。

    The term ‘hatena‘ (はてな) can be divided into two words: ‘hate‘ (はて) and ‘na‘ (な).

    Hate‘ (はて) is an interjection that is used when you are wondering or suspecting something, and ‘na‘ (な) is an interjectional particle that emphasizes the previous word.

    However, note that both ‘bikkuri‘ and ‘hatena‘ are casual and slang expressions.

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