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Chara-o (チャラ男 – Shallow Man)

  • Chara-o


    Young men who dress fancy or are shallow in speech, behavior, and character are sometimes described by the slang term chara-o (チャラ男).

    Chara-o is short for chara chara shita otoko (チャラチャラした男) or charai otoko (チャラい男).

    Here, chara chara (チャラチャラ) is an onomatopoeic word representing the sound of small metal objects clinking together, and it is also used to describe shallow people who wear a lot of accessories.

    In addition, o (男) means “man,” so the chara-o literally means “shallow man.”
    また、「男」は “man” を意味するので、「チャラ男」は文字通り “shallow man” という意味になります。

    I personally wish that chara-o in the world would become shinshi (紳士 – meaning “gentlemen”) as much as possible.

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