Akakara Nabe (赤から鍋 – A Red Hot Pot)

  • Akakara Nabe


    Today I ate ‘akakara nabe‘ (赤から鍋).

    ‘Akakara nabe’ is a kind of dish that is popular in Nagoya, Aichi, and is a very hot pot made by blending red ‘miso’ (味噌 – bean paste) and red pepper.

    Aka‘ (赤) means “red,” ‘kara‘ (から) means “hot” or “spicy,” and ‘nabe‘ means “hot pot,” so the literal meaning of ‘akakara nabe’ is “a red hot pot.”
    「赤」は “red,” 「から」は “hot” や “spicy,” 「鍋」は “hot pot” を意味するので、「赤から鍋」の文字どおりの意味は “a red hot pot” となります。

    In fact, it is red and hot.

    Today was a very cold day, but I was able to warm my blood by eating this meal.

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