Senzai Ichigū (千載一遇 – Chance in a Million)

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    Senzai Ichigū


    An opportunity that rarely comes along is sometimes described as senzai ichigū (千載一遇) in Japanese.

    Sen (千) means “thousand,” zai (載) means “year,” ichi (一) means “one,” and (遇) means “encounter.”
    「千」は “thousand”、「載」は “year”、「一」は “one”、「偶」は “encounter” を意味します。

    That is to say, senzai ichigū literally means a rare opportunity or chance that you may encounter something once in a thousand years.

    This four-character idiom came from a Chinese collection of poems called Monzen (文選 – “Wen Xuan”).

    It is often used in combination with the English loanword chansu (チャンス – “chance”) as in senzai ichigū no chansu (千載一遇のチャンス – “Chance in a Million”).

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