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Gaden Insui (我田引水 – Self-serving)

  • Gaden Insui


    The action of trying to make things happen to one’s own advantage is called gaden insui (我田引水) in Japanese.

    Since ga (我) means “my,” den (田) means “field,” in (引) means
    “to draw,” and sui (水) means “water,” the literal meaning of this four-character idiom is “to draw water to my own field.”
    「我」は “my”、「田」は “field”、「引」は “”、「水」は “” を意味するので、この四字熟語の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    Imagine the selfish act of drawing water only to your own field while ignoring other people’s fields. That is gaden insui.

    Such a selfishness act can also be described as temae gatte (手前勝手) or jibun katte (自分勝手).

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