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Itamiwake (痛み分け – Draw)

  • Itamiwake


    In disuputes, when both sides suffer the same degree of damage or disadvantage without reaching a resolution, the situation is called itamiwake (痛み分け) in Japanese.

    Since itami (痛み) means “pain,” and wake (分け) means “to share,” the literal meaning of itamiwake is “to share the pain.”
    「痛み」は “pain”、「分け」は “to share” を意味するので、「痛み分け」の文字どおりの意味は “to share the pain” となります。

    Originally, this term was used in sumo wrestling to describe a match ending in a draw due to one or both sides getting injured.

    Over time, it has also come to be used in various disputes.

    Incidentally, in the game Pokémon, there is a move called itamiwake that calculates the combined HP of both Pokémon and divides it evenly between them.

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