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Surume Gē (スルメゲー)

  • Surume Gē


    Recently, I came across the term surume gē (スルメゲー).

    Since surume (スルメ) means “dried squid,” and is an abbreviation for gēmu (ゲーム – meaning “game”), the literal meaning of surume ge is “dried squid game.”
    「スルメ」は “dried squid”、「ゲー」は “game” を意味する「ゲーム」の略であるため、「スルメゲー」の文字どおりの意味は “dried squid game” となります。

    It does not mean a game where you manipulate dried squid.

    Just like dried squid, which tastes better the more you chew it, surume gē refers to an attractive game that becomes more fun the more you play it, even if it is not fun at first.

    Similarly, a song that becomes more appealing the more you listen to it is called surume kyoku (スルメ曲 – literally means “dried squid song”).

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