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Ikitsuke (行きつけ – Regular)

  • Ikitsuke


    I go to a nearby hot spring two to three times a week.

    You can use the Japanese term, ikitsuke (行きつけ), to describe such a facility, shop, or restaurant, that you frequently visit.

    Since iki (行き) means “go,” and tsuke (つけ) means “always,” the literal meaning of ikitsuke is “always go.”
    「行き」は “go”、「つけ」は “always” を意味するので、「行きつけ」の文字どおりの意味は “always go” となります。

    This term is often used for restaurants or hair salons, and it is especially fitting for cases where you are familiar with the staff or owner.

    For a hospital or dental clinic that you always visit (or the doctor there), you can use kakari (かかり – meaning “be treated”) and say kakaritsuke (かかりつけ).
    いつも通っている病院や歯科医院(またはその医者)に対しては、”be treated” を意味する「かかり」を用い、「かかりつけ」と言います。

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