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My Boom (マイブーム – My Latest Crazy)

  • My Boom


    Do you have something that is currently trending for you personally?

    That kind of trend is called my boom (マイブーム) in Japanese.

    My boom is a Japanese-English expression combining “my” and “boom.” While this expression is commonly used in Japan, native English speakers might not understand its meaning.
    「マイブーム」は “my” と “boom” (流行) を組み合わせた和製英語で、日本では一般的に使用されますが、恐らく英語ネイティブには通じません。

    It can be translated into English as “my latest crazy” or “my current obsession,” but these expressions may be a bit stronger compared to the nuance of the Japanese my boom.
    英語では “my latest crazy” や “my current obsession” と訳されることがありますが、これらは日本語の「マイブーム」と比べると少し強い表現のような感じもします。

    Incidentally, my my boom is taking an open-air bath while gazing at the stars.

    Last night was clear, and the lovely Delphinus constellation was distinctly visible.

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