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Yoin ni Hitaru (余韻に浸る – Basking in the Afterglow)

  • Yoin ni Hitaru


    I recently finished a well-known epic video game.

    I felt a great sense of accomplishment, then spent some time enjoying the afterglow while reflecting on the story.

    Spending time like this is called yoin ni hitaru (余韻に浸る) in Japanese.

    Since yoin (余韻) means “lingering sound,” and hitaru (浸る) means “to bask,” the literal meaning of this idiom is “to bask in the lingering sound.”
    「余韻」は “lingering sound”、「浸る」は “to bask” を意味するので、「余韻に浸る」の文字どおりの意味は “to bask in the lingering sound” となります。

    While yoin ni hitaru can be used to mean this literally, it is often used metaphorically to mean “to bask in the afterglow” or “to savor the lingering emotions.”

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