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Amai Kao (甘い顔 – Pretty/Handsome Face) Part 2

  • Amai Kao Part 2

    甘い顔 Part 2

    In my post yesterday, I introduced the term amai kao (甘い顔), which means “sweet face/handsome.”
    昨日の投稿では、”sweet face/handsome” を意味する「甘い顔」という言葉を紹介しました。

    To tell you the truth, amai kao is not only used to describe people’s appearance but also their attitude.

    For example, when someone has a lenient attitude to a particular person in a situation where they need to be strict, they are described as amai kao wo suru (甘い顔をする – literally means “to make a sweet face”).

    This is because amai (甘い) can also mean “lacking in strictness” in addition to “sweet/enchanting.”
    「甘い」は “sweet/enchanting” のほかに、「厳しさに欠ける」の意味も持つためです。

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