Shibō (しぼう – Wish/Death/Fat/Ovary)

  • Shibō


    As you may know, the Japanese language has many homonyms.

    Yesterday I typed shibō (しぼう) on my keyboard and nearly made a dangerous mistake when converting it to kanji.

    What I wanted to type was shibō (志望), which means “wish,” “desire,” and “ambition.”
    私が打ちたかったのは「志望」で、”wish” や “desire”、”ambition” などの意味を持つ言葉です。

    However, the first kanji suggestion that came up was 死亡, which means “death.” The text would have meant something completely different.
    しかし、変換候補ではじめに出てきたのは「死亡」で、”death” を意味します。

    Since other possible kanji spellings include 脂肪, which means “fat,” and 子房, which means “ovary (of a plant),” be careful when converting shibō to kanji.
    他にも “fat” を意味する「脂肪」や、”ovary” を意味する「子房」となる可能性もありますので、漢字変換の際は注意が必要です。

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