Amayo no Tsuki (雨夜の月 – Something that Exists but Is Invisible)

  • Amayo no Tsuki


    Something that exists somewhere but is not visible, or an imaginary thing that does not exist is sometimes described as amayo no tsuki (雨夜の月).

    Since ama/ame (雨) means “rain,” yo (夜) means “night,” and tsuki (月) means “moon,” the literal meaning of amayo no tsuki is “the moon on a rainy night.”
    「雨」は “rain”、「夜」は “night”、「月」は “moon” を意味するので、「雨夜の月」の文字通りの意味は “the moon on a rainy night” となります。

    This phrase was used in a poem from the Shika Wakashū (詞花和歌集 – “Collection of Verbal Flowers”) written around 1151, as a metaphor for a loved person one cannot meet, then it came to have the current meaning.

    Sometimes it simply means “the harvest (full) moon which cannot be seen because of the rain.”

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