Shōgi Daoshi (将棋倒し – Human Avalanche)

  • Shōgi Daoshi


    An accident where many people fall down one after another in a chain is sometimes referred to as shōgi daoshi (将棋倒し) in Japanese.

    Shōgi (将棋) is a Japanese board game similar to chess, and daoshi/taoshi (倒し) means “to knock down,” so the literal meaning of shōgi daoshi is “knocking shogi down.”
    「将棋」は日本版のチェスのようなもので、「倒し」は “to knock down” を意味するので、「将棋倒し」の文字どおりの意味は “knocking shogi down” となります。

    Shogi pieces are usually thick and pentagonal, and you can make them stand on their ends.

    In a game called shōgi daoshi, shogi pieces are made to stand at regular intervals, and they are knocked down in a chain, like dominoes.

    From the image of shogi pieces falling one after another, the term shōgi daoshi came to mean “an accident where people fall in a chain.”

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