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Narikin (New Rich)

  • Narikin


    Today I will talk about the word “narikin.”

    “Narikin” means a person who became rich in a short period, and it corresponds to the term “new rich” in English.
    「成金」とは、短期間でお金持ちになった人のことを意味し、英語の “new rich” という言葉に相当します。

    This word comes from a kind of board games, “shogi,” which is similar to chess.

    In shogi, when pieces except the king (ohsho) and gold generals (kinsho) enter the enemy territory, they can change their characters (this act is called “naru” in Japanese).

    In particular, if the ranks of these pieces are lower than gold generals, they can change to new pieces that are equivalent to the gold general (kinsho).

    From this rule, a person who suddenly became rich came to be called “narikin” (change to a gold general).

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