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Sihan Seiki (四半世紀 – Quarter-Century)

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    Sihan Seiki


    Today, I found the expression ‘shihan seiki‘ (四半世紀) when reading a novel.

    Shi‘ (四) means “four,” ‘han‘ (半) means “half,” and ‘seiki‘ (世紀) means “century.”
    「四」は “four”、「半」は “half”、「世紀」は “century” を意味します。

    I think that it is easy to guess what it means — ‘shihan seiki’ means a quarter of a century, that is, twenty-five years.

    In many cases, we just say ‘nijū-go nen’ (25年 – literally means “twenty-five years”), but by using ‘shihan seiki’, the wording/sentence will become more formal.

    In addition, it can emphasize the length of the 25 years.

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