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Tenohira Kurū (テノヒラクルー – Turning a 180)

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    Tenohira Kurū


    YesterdayYesterday, I introduced the Japanese idiom tenohira wo kaesu (手のひらを返す), which means to make a 180-degree turn in attitude or wording.

    On the Internet, it is sometimes expressed as tenohira kurū (テノヒラクルー).

    Tenohira (テノヒラ/手のひら) means “palm” and kurū (クルー) is an onomatopoeia that represents that something rotates.
    「テノヒラ」は “palm” を意味する「手のひら」をカタカナで書いたもの、「クルー」は何かが回転していることを表す擬態語です。

    Since karsu (返す) means “to turn something over,” both literal meanings of tenohira wo kaesu and tenohira kuru are the same.
    「返す」は “to turn something over” を意味するので、「手のひらを返す」と「テノヒラクルー」の文字どおりの意味はどちらも同じというわけです。

    This slang term is often used with a parenthesis such as “(テノヒラクルー” at the end of the sentence.

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