Megane (眼鏡 – Glasses)

  • Megane


    Today I bought a megane (眼鏡).

    Megane is a Japanese word that means “glasses.”
    「眼鏡」は “glasses” を意味する日本語であす。

    Me (眼) means “eye,” but the exact etymology of gane (鏡) has not been clarified yet.
    「眼」は “eye” を意味する言葉ですが、「鏡」について正確な語源はわかっていません。

    One web page explains that it comes from sashigane (さしがね), which means “ruler,” and another page explains that it comes from kagami (鏡), which has the same kanji for gane and means “mirror.”

    Incidentally, it is said that glasses were invented in Italy in 1284, and it was imported to Japan by Francisco de Xavier in 1551.

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