Majime(まじめ – Serious/Earnest)

  • Majime


    I think I am what we call ‘majime‘ (まじめ).

    ‘Majime’ means that someone is serious or earnest with respect to something.

    Maji‘ (まじ) in majime comes from the verb ‘majirogu‘ (まじろぐ/瞬ぐ), which means to blink your eyes, and ‘me‘ (め) means “eye.”
    「まじめ」の「まじ」は、目をまばたきさせることを意味する動詞「まじろぐ」から来ており、「め」は “eye” を意味します。

    Since it looks serious or earnest to stare at something while blinking your eyes, majime has come to have its current meaning.

    Incidentally, the onomatopoeia ‘majimaji‘ (まじまじ), which was made by repeating ‘maji’, can express that you stare at something.

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